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We Are Spartans Program

As a typical international student you are a citizen of the world, you are not bound by borders you live in a world filled with many different people, many different values, ideas, dreams and that is amazing! You love it! However being a citizen of the world nowadays means that you have to deal with an incredible amount of impressions, expectations and social pressure. What if for example; Your values do not match with the values in the country you are now studying in? The progress upon achieving your dreams are not going as good as you might wish?   
That is why StuNest Spartaan launched in the academic year of 2019-2020 the “We are Spartans” program. A program to not only create awareness for student mental well-being, but also to increase student well-being based upon two pillars, socialization together with body and mind.
StuNest Spartaan addresses different aspects of socialization in a monthly program. Have dinner, clean-up the environment, play badminton, play soccer and do this together to create a higher social connectedness to improve social support and social intelligence of tenants. The Spartans are the eyes and ears within the Spartaan building to notice important signals of a mental health issues and to create a safe environment.
Next to that StuNest believes that an active body and mind are important factors to prevent physical and mental problems. Therefore all kind of sports are offered, such as football, yoga, bootcamp, basketball, tennis and badminton. A heathy body is a healthy mind. 
Our tenants are unique, but together we are Spartans!


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