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Grievance? Let us know! 

To help you, your complaint must meet a number of conditions:

  • The complaint or request must first be submitted and handled via the tenant portal, or community manager on location. 

  • The situation must be about a Cohesion location or  company affiliated to us. 

  • A situation must have taken place recently. Grievances that occurred more than a year ago will usually not be dealt with because it is difficult to ascertain the facts after a longer period of time.

  • The grievance must be able to lead to a solution. So you must be open to sharing information with us, about which your complaint is about. If we think the problem is unsolvable, we may ask you to put it to rest.

  • A complaint must be about an individual problem. In most cases, we register grievances about the system as a signal. We do not investigate but these signals allow us to show us where things are going wrong.

  • Your grievances will be taken into account and responded to within 2 weeks. 

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